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Regenerative procedures are commonly used to treat musculoskelatal trauma, overuse injuries, and degenerative issues, including failed surgeries.
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Why Get Regenerative Sets the Highest Standards

The field of regenerative medicine is still in its infancy and there are many examples of bad actors who are just trying to make a buck, or who are cutting corners to save money, rather than focusing on what’s needed to produce optimal regenerative outcomes. On the flipside, some of the best musculoskeletal doctors on earth are creating and following best practices for these treatments. They hone their injection skills through advanced continuing education, their clinics are investing in imaging technology, and they’re the leaders in advancing the field of regenerative orthobiologic treatments.

These are the doctors who are doing things right and producing better patient outcomes as a result.

Get Regenerative requires the following qualifications from the doctors who are part of our regenerative directory:
  1. Must be a doctor with M.D. or D.O. designation
  2. Must have Board Certification in Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Family Practice Sports Medicine, Pain Medicine (typically Anesthesiologist, Radiologist or PM&R), or Podiatry
  3. Must provide evidence of advanced training in Interventional Procedures with Fluoroscopic and MSK Ultrasound guidance (RMSK certified, fellowship trained in pain medicine, or sports medicine)
  4. Must maintain continuing medical education (CME) in Regenerative Medicine and Interventional Procedures
  5. Procedures must be compliant with FDA guidelines
  6. Preferably a member of the Orthobiologics Ethics Consortium ( or similar

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a combination of life science and engineering principles as well as the resulting procedures that provide your body with the right environment to heal itself. Your body is designed to survive and to heal. Medicine provides an enhancement to that process. Some medicines kill lethal bacteria. Other medical procedures repair broken bones or damaged organs. However, ultimately the body is healing itself.

When using regenerative procedures, the physician harvests your own (autologous) self-healing cells and uses them as super enhancement to another area of your body that may be injured, degenerated, or not fully healing. Through this process, studies have shown regenerative medicine may help heal tissues damaged by trauma, overuse, age, or disease.

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